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VTS includes a vacuum toilet module (VTM) that comprises a toilet bowl, flush system, drainage system, vacuum system, and accumulator tank.

If (in the traditional design) the waste accumulator tank is to continuously maintain deep vacuum of 0.06 MPa, then the tank’s structure should be strong enough to withstand the atmospheric compression and feature a very high level of leak tightness for both the tank itself and fittings and connectors.

These requirements seriously complicate the design of an accumulator tank and make it unreasonably expensive.

Also, the need to continuously vacuumize the accumulator tank increases the load on the vacuum pump which impacts the overall reliability and durability of VTM.

In addition, when waste is drained to the accumulator tank by differential pressure between the atmospheric and accumulator tank pressure, the draining pipes are not fully cleaned due to low hydraulic head.

Another weakness of traditional VTS is its water pump that creates an increased water pressure in the waste drainage system.
The alternative VTM (SMART- 600M) model does not decrease pressure in the waste accumulator tank, which makes the accumulator tank’s design significantly simpler and cheaper. The vacuum required to drain waste from the toilet bowl is created for a short period of time and only in a relatively short section of the drainage pipe that is separated from the toilet bowl and accumulator tank by pinch valves.

Instead of a not very reliable rotary vane vacuum pump, SMART-600M VTM uses an air compressor and a vacuum ejector.

Unlike the vacuum pump, the vacuum ejector is undemanding and reliable during long-term operation, also, in most cases there is a centralized compressed air system providing a 6 atm pressure level which eliminates the need for a separate compressor.

VTM (SMART-600M) pushes waste to the accumulator tank not only using the differential pressure between the atmosphere and the vacuumized section, but also with the help of an air stream generated by an air compressor (or a centralized compressed air system ), which ensures more efficient waste drainage, prevents clogging and obstruction of drainage pipes.

VTM’s (SMART-600M) design allows to increase water pressure to flush waste without a water pump. The required pressure is delivered by a compact hydraulic and air receiver that also performs separate flushes and has no rotating or moving parts, which significantly increases its reliability.

Put together, all design characteristics of VTM (SMART-600M) offer clear competitive edge compared to other prominent sanitary equipment solutions.

In conclusion, we have to highlight the trend to improve vacuum toilet modules in aircrafts and trains. The idea is that the waste tank does not only accumulate waste, but also acts as a biogenerator that actively decomposes biowaste. It makes further evacuation and processing of waste significantly easier and cheaper. However, bio degradation of waste cannot be done with a continuously vacuumized accumulator tank. Therefore, we have to get rid of legacy vacuum toilet systems.

Sincerely yours, Individual Entrepreneur
Timchenko Mikhail Ivanovich